Marie/River (no preference) - they (he/she won't irk me though) - 16 - England

General tags: #vitam meam ('my life', a mixture of original and relatable posts); #mihi valde placet ('to me it is very pleasing', favourite posts); #:) (happy stuff); #visurum iri ('to be about to be seen', future reference); #opus est ('it is useful/necessary'); #negative (I vent a lot under this tag, just to warn you); #tmi (probably kinks or monthly stuff); triggers + unnerving stuff tagged as #word //// (please contact me if you need anything tagged); #faciem meam ('my face', selfies etc)

Fandoms: Homestuck, Hetalia, Sherlock, Merlin, Vocaloid, Free!, Supernatural, Attack on Titan, Mekakucity Actors, Dangan Ronpa... etc.

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